SALT Academy is a Social Enterprise committed to transforming the lives of those deemed most at risk of becoming marginalised from society by offering alternative routes to employment, championed and led by people with conviction. We will give people hope and a purpose to make a substantial shift in their lives, to create a positive future. 

The purpose of SALT is to be a ‘comprehensive one-stop shop’ & support network for those unable to follow the traditional routes to employment due to a lack of opportunity, criminal record and social exclusion. SALT will support people with conviction on a journey of learning and development, empowering them to reach their full potential, sometimes, starting in prison continuing through the gate and onwards in the community.

The aims are simplistic yet realistic with the intention to provide practical solutions to assist people with conviction and those who find themselves disadvantaged, into employment using their own entrepreneurial traits identified at the earliest opportunity.

The SALT concept is a cost effective way to reduce re-offending and assisting those most disadvantaged whilst inspiring people to fulfil their potential. Giving people the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the same communities they may have previously harmed, would be a positive step towards social acceptance. We are different because we empower our candidates from the very beginning to believe they have and always will have the power to shape their own future. What we are offering is an end-to-end approach, a holistic service that will support people on their journey into employment and beyond.

SALT recognises there are many people with and without convictions that posess exceptional qualities, which may have been misdirected in the past. Also, many people are written-off simply due to lack of opportunity. We emphasise ‘your past does not have to dictate your future. If you’re willing to change you can change; it’s about commitment, desire and will.’